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Cameras Coming to Most Sparta School Buses

Jennifer Dericks

Thursday, August 21, 2014 • 8:45pm

SPARTA, NJ – There were 20 bus routes rebid this year.  The bid specs required that cameras be installed on the buses.  The Sparta Board of Education will be voting next week on a measure that awards the routes on approximately 70 percent of the district’s tiered bus routes. 

“Next time the remaining routes go out to bid, they will also contain the same specs, so all of the buses will have cameras within the next few years,” explained Superintending Dennis Tobin.

Last year, cameras were installed in the fleet of 15 buses owned by the district. The bid specs for the new routes required that the cameras to be used in the contracted buses be the same as the Sparta fleet, to insure they are compatible with district software. 

Business Administrator Linda Alvarez said, “We will be sending the appropriate notification to parents, as required by statute.”

Most of the routes only received a single bid by First Student.  

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