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'Bistro, Seven Three' Cuts the Ribbon in New Providence

Linda Kale

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 • 10:43pm

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - The borough's newest restaurant, Bistro, Seven Three, had its official ribbon-cutting on Wednesday.

Owners Afrim Bersisha and Benito Kadrija said, “It was like coming home. It’s so good to be back in New Providence."

“We are so thrilled to welcome Bistro, Seven Three to the New Providence business community,” said New Providence Borough Administrator Doug Marvin.

Bersisha, Kadrija, chef Adolfo Marisi and Giovanni Kadrija, Benito's brother, bring 75 collective years of restaurant experience to Bistro, Seven Three, a BYO restaurant located at 1288 Springfield Ave. The bistro offers outdoor seating when weather permits, a modern-style seasonal menu, and a staff committed to exceptional customer service.

Bistro, Seven Three can be reached at (908) 464-0096, or on the web at www.bistroseventhree.com.

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