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Bears Making Themselves at Home in Highlands Section of Chatham Township

Thursday, September 26, 2013 • 10:10pm

CHATHAM, NJ - Black bears are frequenting the Highlands section of Chatham Township, including Huron Drive and Van Houton Avenue, according to Huron Drive resident Heather Quick.
Over the past four months, there have been many, sightings of a black bear in the Highlands section of Chatham Township, in the same neighborhood of about 150 homes.
According to residents, the bears have been seen on decks, in garages, climbing fences in back yards and approaching grills while people are barbecuing.
"Earlier today, the bear was sighted at the school bus stop while children were waiting for the bus; the children gathered in a mother's minivan until the bus arrived," Quick said.  "We have been told by the police that they cannot do anything unless the bear is acting aggressively."
So far, no aggressive behavior has been reported, although it was noted that the bear is becoming bolder and bolder about approaching houses.
"While black bears are typically docile animals, there have been instances of deadly attacks and our community does not want to wait until something dreadful occurs before taking action," Quick said.   
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