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Batman's 75th Anniversary Celebrated at Livingston Library

Alexis Ahern

Thursday, July 31, 2014 • 8:26pm

LIVINGSTON, NJ – On Tuesday night the Livingston Library celebrated Batman’s 75th birthday with a showing of Batman Begins the movie. Bob Kane and Bill Finger created batman in 1939 for DC Comics.

During the movie Karen DeWilde, the teen librarian, and the teen volunteers had games for the audience to play and win various prizes such as temporary tattoos and capes.

The participants were able to knock down Batman villains, make batman cookies, and play trivia. “The questions are easy, medium and hard. An easy one is ‘what is Batman’s real name?'” said volunteer, Lena Rajan. Many participants were also asked to say, “I am Batman” over the microphone in the Batman voice.

In addition to Batman trivia there were trivia questions about the villains of the movies. Jenna Foley, another volunteer, said that “it's really fun to volunteer. I do the other programs here - I get to be involved in the community.” Both Rajan and Foley have been volunteering for the past few years.

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