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AT&T Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing on Cell Antennas Postponed

Ed Barmakian

Thursday, January 16, 2014 • 11:20pm

CHATHAM, NJ - AT&T was granted a postponement by the Chatham Township Zoning Board of Adjustment so that the cell phone company can gather more information it was requested to provide at the hearing last month.

The hearing was set to resume Thursday, Jan. 16 before it was delayed.

Last month, because of a request by Chatham Township resident, Ola Lotfy, asking for propagation maps for alternative locations - other than residential neighborhoods -  for the proposed antennas, AT&T agreed to provide the statistics.

Last month, AT&T expert witness Yvan Joseph, a radio frequency engineer, had testified that the New Jersey American Water Co. tower, located behind 63 Buxton Road in the township, was the best location for the antennas. Joseph pointed out that the water tower is on a ridge, which provides an elevation of 580 feet.

Robert F. Simon, attorney for Brad and  Katie Weisgerber of Huron Drive, had urged the company to consider other sites since they contend that residents of Summit and New Providence would benefit more from the antennas than residents in the Buxton Road vicinity.

The Weisgerbers and other residents are fighting the request by AT&T for a variance to install the antennas in the residential neighborhood.





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