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Millburn / Short Hills — Letters to the Editor

An Easter Poem: Easter Passion

Joseph P. Martino

Sunday, April 20, 2014 • 1:15pm

Easter Passion

You gave your all,…your love, heart, body and soul,….you took our fall,….as foretold and still remained straight and tall,….to later inspire one and all.

Your head was bloodied by thorns and bowed, not in disgrace,…..but in heavenly grace,……for the whole entire human race.

Your arms were outstretched, hands and feet both bloodied and pierced,….but not your holy spirit, to the very end remaining steadfast and fierce,…..for the world has never known a love so vast.

Because of god’s gift of free will and redemption,…..we all have been bequeathed his love, blessings and exemption.



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