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Allen W. Roberts School Suffers Power Outage

The Alternative Press Staff

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 • 2:35pm

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - A partial power failure at Allen W. Roberts Elementary School has forced postponement of all afterschool activities on Tuesday afternoon.

Dismissal remained at its usual time at the New Providence school, however, if power is not restored, a further announcement about the status of school on Wednesday will be forthcoming.

Temperatures in the region have stayed mired below 10 degrees throughout the day on Tuesday, and, although slight moderation in the temperature is expected on Wednesday, temperatures that are not expected to exceed the low 20s would be too cold for the school to be open without the heating system working.

Allen W. Roberts, and all schools in the district, were closed on Friday after approximately 6 inches of snow fell in the borough.


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