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A Lot to 'Like': Summit School District Debuts Facebook Page

The Alternative Press Staff

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 • 12:59pm

SUMMIT, NJ - The Summit Public School District has launched its official Facebook page, Summit Public Schools, located at facebook.com/SummitSchoolDistrict.

This medium is another opportunity to keep the community engaged and knowledgable. The page will be updated daily with district-wide news and articles from the Summit public schools website, and will serve as a source for outgoing information only. The Summit Public School District encourages residents to like the page as a way to keep up with the most current information.
The Board of Education's webpage has also added a tab entitled, "Televised Meetings," located at http://www.summit.k12.nj.us/Board_of_Education/.  This area will provide the details of when and where to watch the televised Board meetings, and will also provide a link to watch the meetings online.
Prior to each meeting the audio call-in number will be posted in this area as well.
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