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A Guide to the Top 20 Things to Pack For College

Haley Velasco

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 • 6:29pm

As college students start heading back to campus, the question on everyone’s mind is what to bring. Is it worth it to schlep every piece of clothing? Or is it really necessary to have three sets of sheets?

This guide, thanks to comments from Basking Ridge Moms, highlights the Top 20 things that any college student needs:

  1. Bedding - sheets, pillow cases, bed spread

  2. Shower necessities - body wash, shampoo, conditioner, razor

  3. Shower accessories – flip flops, caddy

  4. Robe

  5. Towels

  6. Drying rack

  7. Laundry detergent

  8. Iron or hand steamer

  9. Wall decorations - posters, pictures

  10. Plastic storage drawers

  11. ID holder or a small wallet

  12. Command strips, hooks, sticky-tack

  13. Mini fridge

  14. Medicine kit – Advil, Tylenol, throat lozenges, tissues, band aids, Benadryl, thermometer etc.

  15. Easy to make food – Ramen noodles, Easy Mac

  16. Gift cards to local places - Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks

  17. Power strips, extension cords

  18. Desk lamp

  19. Throw Blanket

  20. Hangers


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