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16-Year-Old Arrested on Firearms Charges

Paterson Police

Monday, April 14, 2014 • 3:48pm

During the week of April 7, Detectives Dave Tanis and Francisco Brito of the Ceasefire Unit were conducting an investigation regarding a recent non-fatal shooting incident that took place in the city’s Northside section. 

During the course of the investigation, Detectives were reviewing video footage from the area of the incident in an attempt to gain information regarding the shooting. During that review, the Detectives observed another incident occurring on an earlier date during which a male produced a handgun during an altercation, and fired numerous rounds in the direction of several individuals, but a victim was not struck.

Due to the Detectives’ knowledge of persons in the area, they immediately recognized the male shooter from previous contact with him, and subsequently charged the juvenile with weapons violations. While assigned to a Violent Crime Detail early Saturday morning, Detectives Tanis and Brito observed the juvenile in the area of Haledon Avenue and North Main Street in the city’s 1st Ward, and took him into custody without incident. The juvenile is currently detained in the Essex County Detention Center pending an initial court hearing.

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